Plan your shoot


During your shoot I will ask about your interests and hobbies, then spend time interacting with your family to get the best expressions and genuine smiles. I would recommend bringing a few person items, this will help me to bring out the real YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

It's extremely important to photograph all those special family moments, recording them to keep and pass on to future generations. This means it is also incredibly important to make sure all those finishing touches are just right!! I'm guessing your asking yourself... 

What should we bring?

Generally good items to bring with you include additional clothing (including wellies and outdoor wear), musical instruments, books, games or even sports equipment!

What do I wear?

Your not the only one and I hope some of the following hits and tips will help...


1 - Choose a co ordinated colour palette, without choosing the same outfit.

The same outfit can seem regimented or uniform like. Uniform may look smart but

doesn't show any personality, clothing can be fun, just like your photoshoot!!! 

Prints and patterns can also work well, with bright or bold colours.

2 - Accessories can be interchangeable, adding verity to a shoot. Think jewellery,

hats, coats, scarves, waistcoats and cardigans.

3 - Where will you photographs be displayed? Consider your decor, where you wish to display your photographs. If you have patterned walls consider if any patterns or colours will clash. Maybe you wish for the colours to compliment each other.

My Pinterest board, "family photo clothing ideas" is also available to help with colour palettes and outfit suggestion.

Maternity Shoots

Celebrate your pregnancy with Photo Boutique!! I understand that your bump is continuing to grow day by day, therefore I recommend that your maternity shoot takes place between 30-36 weeks, so that your bump is showing clearly but you will be able to move around more comfortably.

Maternity shoots usually last around 1 hour at your home or in a location of 

your choice. It's include your whole family, that is your partner and any older children. Your bump photoshoot can be a fantastic bonding in the experience for the whole family!!

Newborn Shoots

Newborn sessions are best scheduled within the first 2 weeks of life. This is because

baby will still be fairly sleepy and also very curly. I understand that babies can be

either early or late, usually not on time. Therefore please provisionally book and

allow me to pencil in your due date. I work  around your little one's schedule, so we can finalise a date and time for your shoot once he or she has arrived.

Newborn sessions can take place in your home and usually last around 1-2 hours, this is so that we work with babies schedule, allowing for a quick brew and a

chat about the use of babies clothing and toys, plus allowing for feeds and nappy changes. To ensure baby is happy and comfortable for his or her photos on the day,

I would recommend that your home is lovely and warm. I would also be an advantage to have some space near available with plenty of natural light, by some windows.

I always encourage the whole family to join in, include yourself, partner and any older children in the experience. Newborn shoots can also be fabulous for the whole family to bond with your new little one. 

Family Shoots

I allow for an hour and a half to two hours in my schedule, although most

shoots last around 1 hour. My photographic style is relaxed and I like to work at your child's pace, making sure we have time to play and have drinks,

snacks and nappy changes when necessary.


Getting the whole family to attend and take part should help to encourage

everyone and give even shy toddlers the courage to get involved! In addition before your shoot, tell your child we are going to play and take pictures. We will have some play so that your children interact me with each other. This will allow us to get the best expressions and some lovely cheeky smiles.

For some local location inspiration, check out some of the fantastic list of links each highlight lighting beautiful walks locations around the Cheshire countryside for you photo shoot... CLICK HERE for the links

Cake Smash


Celebrate your little one's 1st or 2nd Birthday with a cake smash photoshoot.

Photo Boutique offers a 1 hour photoshoot with cake smash option... Photo Boutique can have a cake made for your session for an additional £30 or you can provide your own.

During your Cake Smash session your little one will be photographed with various props before smashing the cake to bits with their hands and hopefully eating it!